Miss Rosewood

“Meet Miss Rosewood! Self-appointed transgender-terrorist on the New York hardcore performance scene, a walking scandal on high heels, and the only woman in town with balls enough to empty a condom into the hair of Leonardo DiCaprio. There are no limit to this fearless Miss. She spreads fright, horror, admiration, as well as bodily fluids left and right in an environment otherwise accustomed to a little bit of everything. There is, however, also a very sensitive and sympathetic person behind the thick make-up., Danish director Helle Jensen has created a film that captures not only ‘a walk on the wild side’ with Miss Rosewood, but also explores her life backstage, where she goes by the birth name of Jon Cory, and has a family who is trying to understand the persona that Jon lives out his dreams and fantasies thorough on stage. CPH:DOX”

I was so excited when Helle asked me to make a painting for this amazing film. I’ve hung out with Miss Rosewood and seen her show and let me tell you; it’s an experience that will resonate in you for a long time!

Check out the movie’s website: https://www.msrosewood.com/











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