Butterface meets creeps in the ‘Canal Club’. Based on true events. (Pulp Deluxe)

Oh no we’re out of carrots! Oh no, oh no, oh no! (Pulp Deluxe)

All Butterface wants to do is play outside with friends. (Pulp Deluxe)

‘The Dollfactory’ is a littleĀ  satire on current beauty standards. (Pulp Deluxe)

A tale of mental illness and the history of psychiatry.

‘Danse Macabre’ follows the meandering thoughts of a young woman (selection of pages).

A moment in time where storytellers can share their tales in an intimate setting.

Poster for a private birthday party at the Fenix Hotel, Rome IT.

Handpainted posters for ‘NT GENT’, the city theatre,  for the play ‘To name Herstory’.

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