I’ll take you where the wild dogs run, 44,6 cm x 72,2 cm, acrylic paint and fabric on unstretched linen, 2019

Friendly stranger, 2,4 cm x 9,7 cm, black pen on paper, 2019

Corrupted family, 14 cm x 19 cm, acrylic paint on unstretched linen, 2020

Israeli boy, 70,8 cm x 99,3 cm, acrylic paint on linen, 2020

Menina, 100 cm x 80 cm, oil & acrylic paint on linen, 2019

A short story about happy accidents and one night stands. Published by my friends at Pulp Deluxe.

How to get pumped in a pimped out fitness area at the charming family-run Hotel Harmony.

Highlighting the old traditions of tailoring on a very long stretched canvas at Aravinda Rodenburg.

Explore the wonders that Ghent has to offer and make it an experience you’ll never forget.

What if you met Steve Buscemi on a bad day? Co-written with Sophie Laudelout. (Pulp Deluxe)

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